The principle
Real mountain-biking challenge in Normandy at DOMFRONT (61700) : 360 kilometers (223 miles) in single loop on a circuit with a loop of 180 kilometers.
The bike ride will start on saturday 20 of June 2020 at 6:00 am in Domfront and will finish throughout sunday 21 of June until 6:00 pm, because there is a limited time of 36 hours to complete the 360 kilometers (223 miles).

There are three possibilities to do this long ride :
– If you like biking, if you feel ultra caster, and if you want to discover your limits, even to push them, this ultra raid is for you.
– If you want to bike longer than you do it usually, come with a friend and do the 360 km in a 2 x 180 km relay.
– If you want to have fun with your friends during this beautiful week-end, but you are not sure to be able to bike these exceptional distances, do the race in a 4 x 90km relay.
One thing is sure, you will find your happiness.

This ride is not a race, it’s a bike ride with a finishing time for each participant in the style of the Paris-Brest-Paris ride.

The course

The great innovation of our ultra raid is a circuit with loops of 90 km, yes 90 km. To do the 360 km, you have to start first with the west loop which takes you to Mortain. Then the east loop will take you in the opposite side to Bagnoles-de-l’Orne. When this second loop will be finished, the course will resume these two loops, but turning in the opposite direction. Throughout the entire ride, there will be about 6000m elevation gain.


This course is divided into several sections of 30 km, and at the end of each section there is a service area to get fresh supplies, to rest and also to take a shower.

Each time is recorded every 30 kms. you can follow in real time. see the table of time 

The practical informations

On friday evening, a pasta party will be organized (included in the registration fee) for everyone to take some strength.
A camping place is included in the price.

You can stay at Domfront or near. See the information on other possibilility.

For your safety, you need to take some things with you (be careful, the list is not finished) :
– a mountain bike with complete equipment like a road safety;
– a survival blanket (in your size);
– a headlamp;
– a cellular phone;
You have to read the regulation of the ultra raid VTT 360

Electric bike are not allowed for the raid.

The registration

The registration for the ultra raid VTT 360 will be exclusively on the internet. They are opened since the end of november and will finish the end of may, in the reserve for available tickets.
If you subscribe after the end of march, you will pay 10€ more. The price includes the registration, the supplies (every 30 km), the place to plant the tent, the pasta party and a few surprises..

There will have

  • 360 individuals (solo)
  • 36 teams for the duos (4x90km)
  • 36 teams for the duos (2x180km)
  • 36 teams for the quatros

The places are limited to welcome decently every participants.

The inscriptions will open on the ikinoa web site.

Contact us


The partners

Thank you to our sponsors. Without them, nothing is possible.

The volunteers

Without them, nothing is possible. You would like to take part to this adventure, nothing is more easier, you have to complete this form by clicking here. So thanks for everybody who helps us.

The communication

You like our poster, go on the web site from Julie Miseray You can find news and discussions on social networks: facebook .
Velo vert has written an article about the Ultra raid VTT 360.
The site Vélochannel also wrote an article. Our poster will probably appear in different bike magazines during the next months.